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Ask Emmy Anything: 4 Pillars of Femininity

The actual formula for an EPIC Relationship with your man

This article is originally published on The Thrive Global. Read the whole article here >>

Soulmate love.

That is what we are talking (or shall I say, writing) about in this article in my “Ask Emmy Anything” series.

So, let’s talk formula! I know, I know, no one wants to talk about MATH in love, but ladies and gents, let me tell you, it works.

A couple of disclaimers: The ratios I layout in this article or not for a hookup, random romance, or even the all too common “I like her/him, but….” half-committed type. This is about a soulmate, love of your life connection. Also, these are not some opinions I made up out of thin air. I had many conversations with many men (and women) on my list.

Ready to jump into the breakdown? Here. We. Go!

Soulmate love is... (Want to read the rest? Click the link below)


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