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Ask Emmy Anything: Emasculation

Hurt Feelings, and Things you NEVER Say

This article is originally published on The Thrive Global. Read the whole article here >>

In today’s article Emmy and the love of her life, Matt join forces to discuss:

  • Emasculation

  • What to do when he hurts your feelings, and

  • The things to never say to your lady when she’s crying or to your man when he is playing his video games

Let’s get this party started. Woo-hoo!!!


I had a chance to sit down with my man recently and ask him for his honest opinion about emasculation, and how it affects men. Let’s just say, he didn’t beat around the bush.

“Emasculation, for us, is one of the biggest offenses that can be made. It probably hits us deeper than anything else will ever do.”

And this is so true for so many men. As we often do in our relationship, we took some time to discuss how emasculation has shown up for us. I’m all about giving you guys real-life, practical examples, so let’s have a look...

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