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Ask Emmy Anything: The Twin Flame Trap

The Difference Between the Soulmate Truth and Twin Flame BS

This article is originally published on The Thrive Global. Read the whole article here >>

Ok (excited sigh)! I am sooooooo happy to be writing this article. I have wanted to talk about the BS twin flame TRAP for years now. I know, I know, this can get controversial. But this topic is so important for us spiritual women out there, so let’s dive in.

To add some structure to the writing (and hopefully the implementation of these words), I have used an article from Mind Body Brain where we are going to break down the points of a twin flame. I’ve put my thoughts in italics below the article’s statements.

What is a twin flame? An intense soul connection thought to be a person’s other half.

Well, let’s start here because it’s already a big fat noooo – you are not a half of anything. You are a whole! All by your damn self.

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