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Soulmate Love University

Where High-Achieving, Spiritual Women Attract Soulmate Love

Love Coach.


About Me

Emmy Hernandez is an executive-level love and relationship coach, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and author.

Emmy works with women and couples who are committed to co-create an epic, passionate and fulfilling romantic partnership.

Let me teach you the art and science of your love.

Your Love Coach and Friend


"You were made for epic, legendary love and you can feel it."



Soulmate Love
VIP 1:1

 Work 1:1 directly with Emmy in

Private Sessions for

12 months


In-depth hand-holding of the entire healing process and the dating process online


+ VIP Weekend Retreat with Matt and Emmy

+Neuro Quantum Rewiring of all Love and Money Blueprints

+ Private FB Group with other members on the same journey

+ Whatsapp Access to Emmy's private phone number for daily help (if needed)

$20,000 + Investment


Application Required



Soulmate Love University

12-Month Program Designed for Busy Women

Signature System Modules: S.O.U.L.M.A.T.E.

This program is designed for successful single women who are searching for attracting Soulmate Love. We will do healing trauma work, energy work, updating your strategic dating skillset, creating your radiant frequency, healing womb and body trauma, and much more.

+ Private Facebook group with fellow sisters in the same program

+ 2x Monthly LIVE Group Zoom calls for open Q&A training + Energetic/Frequency Healing

+ Online Dating profile assessment and assistance with setup for bio and pictures

$5,000 One Payment (BONUS VIP Call)


Payment Plans:

2 x $2,250 

12 x $500


Get your e-book
8 Steps to Attracting Soulmate Love

I wrote this book for all the women that are in current pain from
heartbreak or have been in the past and are looking to move forward to a
love they want with all their heart, but not sure how to get it. I get it. I
was that girl!

Read on to learn how to become a woman who is cherished, adored, cared
for, protected, supported and spoiled with love and affection by your ideal man.

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